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Makolly is the solo project of Rafael Gomes, a Portuguese Dj and producer.
His history and passion for music began at a very young age, feeling the great and vibrant grooves of the Brasilians bands of samba.
He soon discovered eletronic music. From House to Hardstyle, DnB and Techno until he listened to a track from Infected Mushroom.
He quickly fell in love with the genre, and shortly after, he started going to psychedelic trance parties.
Since then, his interest in music never stopped!
Getting inspiration from all kind of psytrances, he is now creating memorable grooves, mind altering sounds and fat basses. Constantly pushing the limit of electronic music by combining analog and digital sounds, he brings a melodic fusion packed with intense energy to blast any dancefloor.
Always working to improve his technics, his main goal is to bring music to people and feel the joy throughout their dance.

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