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Label : Hekwapi Records
Patronus Records

Released on VA : Prima Materia


Louis grew up heavily influenced by various alternative rock and metal bands, classical pieces, motion picture soundtracks, indie & psychedelic rock, and dark ambient soundscapes until the discovery of psychedelic trance music at the age of 19. A few years later, in 2016, he decided to start his production journey. The influences of the project include darker artists performing in the local scene and all over the world, focused on but not limited to higher speeds than 148bpm.

Since then, in the midst of connections with local and international producers, he has accumulated techniques and understanding, creating his own style with influences from subgenres such as Nighttime Full-On, Twilight, Forest, and Darkpsy, exploring cosmic soundscapes through which the listeners can have a unique, fun, and playful experience.